Michael Eagle


Telephone: 02 9220 6165
Fax: 02 8815 9303

Admitted as Barrister: 1990

Practice areas:

  • Common Law
  • Medical Negligence
  • Professional Negligence
  • Personal Injury

Full-time practice at the NSW Bar since January 1990. Also admitted to practise in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT. 

Currently practising in common law with particular specialization in medical and professional negligence and personal injuries.

Has also practised in commercial, criminal, building and construction, defamation, trade practices, liquidation, bankruptcy, de facto relationships and family law



  • Arbitration Committee 2002
  • Mediation Committee 2004 and 2005, 2019
  • Costs & Fees Committee 2012 to 2021



  • Supreme Court: 2001-2004
  • District Court: 1992-1994, 1996, 1998-2005, 2009-2016
  • Local Court: 2001 and continuing

Costs Assessor: 2002 to date

Nationally Accredited Mediator: 2012 to 2021

Board Member:

  • Edmund Barton Chambers: 2006-2015
  • Australian Chinese Cultural Council- Senior Vice Chairman 2007-2017

Chinese Medicine Council of NSW: Legal Member 2012-2016


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The Australian Legal System and the Development of Torts, 9 October 2004 at Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The Australian Legal System and the Development of Torts, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, 10 October 2004, Shanghai, China.

2007 The Value of Life – an examination of recent High Court decisions and legislative provisions, The CLE Centre, 16 February 2007.

2009 The Standard of Care for Professionals under the Civil Liability Act, Edmund Barton Chambers, 11 March 2009.

The Standard of Care for Professionals under the Civil Liability Act, National Conference of Australian Lawyers Alliance, Sanctuary Cove, 23 October 2009.

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2013 Disclosure, Estimates and Recovery of Costs, The Bar Association of NSW, 13 March 2013.

Professional Negligence: Proof of Loss or Damage and Causation, The College of Law, 26 March 2013.

2015 Experts Giving Evidence in Court, Experts Direct, 26 November 2015.

2018 The Ins and outs of Successfully Running a Medical Negligence Case, CPE Mekong Conference, 28 March 2018.

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